Wildlife Conservation – The proactive approach

I somehow did not realise, how rich India is in flora and fauna, until I did my first safari at Gir. Similarly, it did not strike me how poor we Indians are in knowing & taking care of the bio-diversity that our country has been gifted with.

I am quite ashamed to admit for instance, that I did not know till date, that the elephant has been declared as the National Heritage Animal of our country or that the Gangetic Dolphin was declared as our National Aquatic Animal in 2010. Both these moves are an attempt by the MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forests) to prevent poaching of these rapidly diminishing animals and to create awareness and support for the conservation of these species.

So in an attempt to support the system, from today onwards, I will strive to make this blog more pro-active and informative, as from awareness comes positive action and from positive action results are achieved.

Wildlife Conservation – The proactive approach

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