Love the Wild…

LOVE_THE_WILD…. What does the word ‘Wild’ in this mean? It, of course refers to the wildlife; that is the animals in the wild. If you look up the definitions of this word, the most common one that you would find is ‘in a natural state; not tamed or domesticated’. ‘Wild’ also refers to the untamed in us. It refers to our basic instincts, needs, wants, dreams, passions…

Sometimes I feel that in the process of getting civilized, Man has lost all of the creativity and originality that is in his nature. When young, his career choices are affected by parents and peers. The objective of schooling seems more to be scoring good marks rather than learning; a competition of ranks and scores. Work is motivated more by money matters and less by passion & interest. I am a very good example of just that. I never knew what I wanted to be; the only thing I wanted was to make a lot of money and at various points of life I have wanted to be…a biologist, a model, an engineer, a writer, a dancer, a teacher…well you get the drift. 🙂 I am still not sorted…but that’s another story.

Very few people know their passion and the way they want their life to be right from the start. Most of the times, by the time, people learn about what makes them happy, they think it’s already too late (It’s never too late though!) However some people have the courage to rediscover and reinvent themselves. Sometimes it’s meeting another person that rekindles the fire, at other times, its life changing events, sometimes even near death experiences trigger the passion. Well, well…Inspiration is contagious…so every month I am going to feature at least one inspirational real life story that I love.

And if you think you fit the bill and you have a success story to share that will help inspire others, please feel free to mail me here.

Love the Wild…

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