Re-introduction of Cheetahs in India-An update Feb 2012


It seems that the funds required to set Project Cheetah in motion, about INR 5 crores from a total of INR 400 crores will not be allocated until the beginning of the financial year 2012.

This is really a bad start to the Project as it delays everything right from obtaining the import license, sending the officers to Africa for studying the Cheetah’s habitat to transporting the first instalment of animals to India.

Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary, the place where Cheetahs will be re-introduced is supposed to be ready for its guests. With villages already evacuated from the area, since the times Kuno was being considered for relocating the Gir Asiatic lions, the place requires only a few changes like solar fencing in order to house the Cheetahs.

While few scientists are still debating whether re-introducing the Cheetahs in India is a wise step, the prey animal count at Kuno has increased to almost eight times its size since the last decade according to WII (Wildlife Institute of India) research. They are now disturbing the ecological balance in the grasslands and if Cheetahs are introduced here, it will definitely help restore the balance.


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  1. I live very close to Kuno and want to see cheetah in India ,since my childhood I am passionate about wildlife but when in 1994 in a TV show called Surbhi (on DD 1)I came to know that cheetah is extinct in India I was very sad,but reintroduction plan had added to my cheers, but this delay in process is rellay sad ,now I am in jhansi and kuno is just 100 km away from here .Before moving to Bangalore for in wild conservation I wanted to see cheetah in my region but sad things are not according to my hope.

    • Abhinav, You must be one of the few people to know early on, that the Cheetah is extinct in India.
      Yes, the delay is quite a shame. I too hope to view the completion of this project soon. Just keeping my fingers crossed.
      Meanwhile all the best for your Masters in Wildlife Conservation. There are not many people I know who opt for a career in Conservation. Keep it up!

  2. Great News about Cheetah coming to India! I am waiting for the animal to arrive at Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary. It would be interesting to see how the African Species survives in Indian grasslands.Great Blog!

  3. My personal opinion is that Central Goverment must take positive action regarding relocation of Asiatic Lions outside Gir Forest as any natural calamity or disease can wipe out entire population from indian subcontinent.

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