Two conflicting news follow one after the other this month. First President Pratibha Patil goes to Cape Town  and visits the Cheetah Outreach Programme and its founder who are involved in the process of re-introducing the Cheetah in India. She also gives a donation to the project on behalf of India.

Next, the Supreme Court stops Project Cheetah in its tracks.

The Reason for halting the Project:

The Project was not placed before the Standing Committee of the National Board for Wildlife and re-introduction of Cheetahs is supposedly against the guidelines of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) guidelines on translocation of wildlife species.

Points to ponder on:

1) Why is this being brought up after 5 years of research and hard work on this Project?A colossal waste of time and resources if this Project is canned after all.

2) These things weren’t even brought up when the initial grant of 1.9 Cr was released for this Project. Why? Does this mean that such huge grants are given without considering the required permissions?

Go Figure…

Project Cheetah abruptly screeches to a halt

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