The Big Bird!

After weeks and weeks of making me wait, the Big Bird decided to thrill me again today. With the rains, making me wake up later and later each day, I had had no glimpses of what I had mistakenly been thinking of as an ‘Eagle’. But owing to the very informative Nature camp conducted by the Bombay Natural History Society and a little bit of googling, I now realise, that my knowledge about birds is devastatingly poor and it is actually the ‘Black Kite’ that is responsible for all the Oohs and Aahs that I have been making every time I catch sight of it.

So there it was again, perched at the edge of the building next door drying and preening his royal plumage after a light drizzle.

Some basics about Black Kite

Common Name: Black Kite or Pariah Kite

Scientific Name: Milvus Migrans

Habitat: The Black Kite is a dark brown kite found soaring in the skies at the edge of forests and in urban areas. It is fairly common all over India. It can be identified by the shallow ‘v’ made by its tail feathers. The bird looks very impressive as it circles around hunting for a prey. Here are a few pictures that I managed to click.


The Big Bird!

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  1. Oh the days i have been waiting for this bird to land :(…I think I have to go to the dumping grounds to see them perched or may be their nesting place which can be anywhere tall…even those huge street poles of modern India.

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