Entranced by Namdapha – The Views

Ok, Here’s the first post about Namdapha Forest and rather than flooring everyone with my memories about this little slice of heaven, I am just going to let the Sun, Moon, Mountains, River and the Mists do the talking in this one…

Landscape, Namdapha

Landscape, Namdapha

Landscape, Namdapha

Landscape, Namdapha

Landscape, Namdapha

Landscape, Namdapha

Moon rise at Namdapha

Moon Set at Namdapha

Moon over the River, Namdapha

Pre Dawn, Namdapha

Mist rolling from bewteen mountains at dawn, Namdapha

Dawn, Namdapha

Landscape Namdapha

Bamboo and Cane House, Namdapha

Entranced by Namdapha – The Views

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      • Hi Shilpi,

        I went through your blogs. I wish I get a chance to visit the places like you have been!
        This year I am planning to go to Namdapha with my friends. Can you please send me the summary of your namdapha tour? I have read in newspaper about journey “150km trek along Miao-Vijaynagar”, which I plan to do this November. If you have any contacts of tour operators or treking groups pls send me.

      • Hi Poornima, Travelling to places of natural beauty is quite an addiction for me now. 🙂 And you have really made a good decision to visit Namdapha. It’s a most beautiful place. You can contact Mr Phupla Singpho for your trip. He can make all the arrangements for the tour. His contact details are:
        Mob: 09436228763

        For a summary of my trip, you can visit my article at the this link:

      • Hi Shilpi,
        Thank you so much 🙂 🙂
        That would really help us to make a plan. very soon we will call Mr. Phupla.
        I went through your article and it is very informative. We are really excited to visit such a beautiful place.

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