Entranced by Namdapha – The Others

As I post this, I can remember my school morning prayer…

Sun and Moon and Stars and Sky, All that walk and swim and fly, Ants and Elephants, great and small, You are the maker of them all!

Other than all the birds and butterflies, I also saw a lot of small but remarkable creatures at Namdapha, all with their vivid colors and unique characteristics.


Damselflies, purple and pink, hovering over a water puddle.

Stream Glory Damselfly

Stream Glory Damselfly

Red Dragonfly

Red Dragonfly

Scarab Beetle

Huge Scarab Beetle…looked like it came straight out of the movie, The Mummy! 🙂

Scarab Beetle

Scarab Beetle


Millipede, also known as the Pill Bug, as it rolls up into a ball, as a defense mechanism. I mistook it to be a fruit of some sort at first! 😉

Giant Wood Spider

Namdapha, like the rest of India, had the Giant Wood SPiders, Only here, the spiders were really Giant size, much bigger than the ones that I have seen in and around other places in India and the webs shone bright golden in the sunlight.

Signature Spider

A Signature Spider, with a spiral kind of Signature.

Praying Mantis

A Praying Mantis, camouflaged neatly amongst the plant stem!

Paper Wasp

A Paper Wasp, building its nest!

Leaf Bug

A Leaf Bug with a cool camouflage! Even its legs are modified to look like dried leaves!

Hill Cicada

A Hill Cicada! They make quite a ruckus during the daytime calling out to their potential mates!

Jewel Beetle

Check out the lovely colors on this Jewel Beetle that I spied on the River Bed!


A moth that is camouflaged to look like a bird dropping on a leaf from far!

Lyssa Zampa

Lyssa Zampa, the huge Daytime moth! Saw quite a few of these!

Weaver Ant Nest

Weaver Ant Nest in the trees, made with closely woven leaves

Mating Moths

Mating Moths belonging to the Lappet Moth family, camouflaged like dried leaves on a tree.

Gliding Frog

An injured Gliding Frog, that our group leader poured water and revived before setting it back on the ground where it was found

Entranced by Namdapha – The Others


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