Hide and Seek!


So my favorite game these days is playing hide and seek with the Coppersmith Barbet…Only thing is it always does the hiding and I always do the seeking.

Every morning and late afternoon, the air is filled with the cries of tok-tok-tok. It always gets me in a frenzy to open the French windows and try and spot the little bugger. And when I do spot it, there’s always the 2 second dash where I run to my cupboard and get my camera, whisk it out of its case and have another round of hide and seek, trying to find it in the view finder!!!

Needless to say, endless rounds of this game have made me very good at it and very soon, I will be posting the photo shoot sessions that I have had with my very own Coppersmith Barbet. And anyone who has had this model will quite agree with me, that it is one of the most tempermental models to work with 😉 🙂 🙂

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