Nesting Season for House Crows!

Nesting Season for House Crows!

The most common bird in Mumbai is very active now! Its nesting time for House Crows in Mumbai and if you are observant, you will see crow’s nests everywhere! Infact a couple of weeks ago, I had Crows pulling valiantly at my lemon grass plant and even the plastic broomstick kept in the french window in their hunt for nesting materials!

I am lucky to have a Ficus tree growing right in front of my house and there is crow’s nest visible from my french window. Here is a picture of the nest.

Crow's Nest

Crow’s Nest

Today I was lucky enough to spot the nest when it was empty for a while and for the first time in my life I saw the eggs of crow…bluish green with brown specks….clutch size of four…
Crow's eggs

Crow’s eggs

And it gets better… I got yet another first…I saw a baby crow! Not in the nest, but at another place near my house. Again, it was Ujwal, who brought this to my attention. He had been for a walk and saw the little creature on the ground and immediately sent me a picture on Watsapp.(I soo love technology!!!) So armed with my camera and my enthusiasm, I set out to see it and there it was on the ground, a bit scared, but trying to put up a brave front. I took a few shots and soon left it in peace, because apparently my camera was causing a great deal of agitation to it’s mother who put up a continuous cawing. Here are the pictures. You can see that it’s tail feathers are still undeveloped, which is why it couldn’t fly. It seemed like it had fallen out of it’s nest or maybe the mother had pushed him out to try it’s wings. Either ways, for the first time, I saw a crow look so vulnerable (Usually, they look and display their intelligence very well!) and surprise surprise…it has blue eyes! Luckily, I managed to capture it’s baby blues too. Enjoy the pictures!

Baby Crow

Baby Crow

Baby Crow

Baby Crow

Baby Crow with it's Baby blues

Baby Crow with it’s Baby blues


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    • Thanks bnomadic. I haven’t been disturbing the nesting though…just observing! I do hope the baby crow is alive today. The place where it’s at is full of stray Cats and Dogs!

  1. Hey Shilpi.. what a co-incidence.. Crow’s Nesting season.. Ficus Tree.. destroying plants.. use of plastic broom stick / hanger.. OMG.. it seems like Karz – 2..

  2. Wonderful photos of a wonderful bird, Shilpi! I find crows fascinating, with their intelligence and beauty and very recognizable voice. Ours here are, what, 50 cm beak to tail feathers – is that similar to yours?

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