Wandering in the dark woods!

Wandering in the dark woods!

Dedicated to all my friends who have experienced this with me…

Eyes shining in the dark,
Hooves bounding in the night,
Here and there, they swiftly dart,
Even as I count, they take flight!

Unblinking eyes atop a tree,
Gazing silently at me,
Leaving me standing agog,
Oh my! Is that a tree frog?

A nightly perch thoughtfully chosen,
Unaware of me, feathers frozen,
Wee hours when you are at rest,
That’s when the closest to you I get.

In seemingly innocent waters,
Dark shapes appear floating upstream,
Eyes glowing in the dark,
A closer look might make me scream!

A hoot, a rustle, a slither, a scuttle,
Carefully on the path I tread,
For those are the sounds that I hear,
When the night’s creatures appear.

If you’ve ever wandered in the woods at night,
And in their wild beauty found delight,
Take a guess and make it count,
Quickly do tell what treasures I’ve found!

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