Declining Population of Large Herbivores may turn the Planet to Barren Landscapes


A recent study of large herbivores led by Professor William Ripple of the Oregon State University has brought into light some very worrying results. The study reports that 60 percent of the giant herbivores of the world are in risk of extinction and the decline may eventually lead to desertification of the entire planet! Read more about it here…

Declining Population of Large Herbivores may turn the Planet to Barren Landscapes.

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  1. We have already entered the sixth mass extinction.Background extinction rates are 1000 times higher then natural levels.Oceans are 40% more acidic..half of all species are threatened with extinction.Nobody listened to James Hansen in the 80’s.

      • More like survival of the luckiest.A whale can swim to any part of Earth but a Lion is stuck due to fragmentation..India is facing a huge problem if Himalayas melt.Bangladesh could go underwater,so can all coastal cities in world. Heatwaves,drought,floods,storms..its all very depressing but i see it as nature doing its thing,this was bound to happen.
        I don’t get angry about it.I can only hope our children are one of the lucky one’s.I hope Earth is a little tougher and people put a stop to fossil fuels.

      • Ha! And I read somewhere that the lucky four are probably going to be the cockroaches, the ants, the crows and the rats… the survivors! Humans are not going to make it. And maybe that is for the best too 🙂

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