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If you are someone who loves animals, the birds and the bees…err…scratch that…i meant loves all the creatures of the earth, loves the sea, the wind, the storms, the rains, the sands, the trees…someone who enjoys nature and everything it has in store, you will like reading my blogs.

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  1. It’s refreshing like your name!! I simply loved this and am eagerly waiting to read more :)its about December already… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • u seem to have decent field work ..are u pro or freelancer shilpi?im a biodiversity student….and itching to go to amboli….we will leav from here ie pune tomo!!hope we see lots of fauna…i hav no previous field experience though..so hope the leeches wont irritate!

      • Well, We have founded a nature trail group called Eco Buddies.
        Good luck for your trip. Amboli is truly beautiful. Don’t bother too much about the leeches. Amboli is worth every leech bite! Just carry salt or tobacco and sprinkle on them if you spot them on yourself or your companions.

      • OH NICE..I liked the trip….Saw all the species you had shown here..plus prashadi’s gecko too!And ya i enjoyed the leeches!anyways when is your group’s nexy trip?

  2. I saw your post about your visit to Kankai Maa Temple in Gir forest. I need an advise. I want to visit the temple from DIU side and then proceed further to JUnagadh in a pvt vehicle with driver. DO i need a permit? If yes is the permit available from the DIU side and are there any timimg for that?

    THnx for your cooperation

  3. hello Vijesh. I am not sure about the permit requirements from Diu side. But considering the number of forest officers that we saw along the way and also the fact that non-indians are not allowed inside the temple, I am sure that a permit would be required. I will try to find the number of the driver who had taken us there; he makes these trips and is familar with the rules.

  4. nice reading about you.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, be in touch with my blog browse through the categories, u may find it interesting

  5. Hi Shilpi,

    I came across your blog while searching for Bangkok Safari World. Thanks for the detailed description about the park. Me and my fiancee are planning for a trip to Thailand for our honeymoon and one must visit is the Safari World. Would you recommend visiting Safari World and Marine Park on the same day?
    Also, can the Kanchanburi tiger temple be visited in the second half of the day? If you have any info it would be really helpful.


    • Hello Yomesh,
      We didn’t visit the Marine World, so cannot say whether Marine World ios possible on the same day. However from the time stamp on my photos, we were at the Safari World from about 9 AM to 4:00 PM. So that should give you an idea.
      Kanchanaburi, It would be better if you ask for the timings from a travel agent. Our trip there was also arranged by an agent. It is a bit far from the main city and takes a while to reach. And our trip was combined with other things which we didn’t really want to see but had to go along with the tour like the War Cemetery and the Kwai Railway. All the best for your trip and Enjoy. Thanks for dropping by on my blog.

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